Welcome to your new clubhouse

You have decided to launch into horse riding and you don't know where to begin ? We are here to answer all your questions and we give you all the tips to become a perfect horse rider. Welcome to your new club house !

Advices to become a great horserider

Overcome your fear

Firstly you have to overcome your fear : horse riding may be frightening for the beginners and that is totally normal to dread. But your horse feels every feeling you have a his rider and he won't be comfortable if he feels you are ill at ease. Take it easy and everything is gonna be alright !

Work hard

As everyone knows, no pain no gain, and horse riding is no exception to the rule. To become an unparalleled rider, you have to work hard ! You will have to repeat the same exercise again and again to succeed, and build a real sustainable relationship with your horse. But you will improve quickly and you will surely come to like it !

How to take care of a horse


Above all you have to groom your horse : you have to brush him with the appropriate brush to remove all the dirt which could wound him. You also have to pick his feet to clean them and remove any dangerous pebble. Finally your horse needs to see the dentist once a year and the blacksmith farrier at least once a quarter.

Equipment treatment

You have to ensure your equipment is appropriate for your horse and still fit him to prevent any wound. You also often have to moisturize the saddle and the briddle to soften them and ensure the best comfort for your horse.

Passion for horses

We are a passionate team and we put our skill to good use to pass down our passion to you. We hope you will become as passionate as we are, because according to us horse riding is the best sport !