Where to buy a good used saddle ?

The market for used saddles is a dominant activity in the equestrian world today. Indeed, second-hand products are definitely challenging the new ones except that the standards are not really the same. The excellence and the advantages found in such equipment have pushed sellers to sell even more used french saddles. Now for the choice of these supplies, especially now that they invade the market, one should rely only on the sign of the seller and the reputation of it.

Buy intelligently

When buying a saddle for the first time, it is better to think about the budget first. The fact is that learning an activity can take time and the level of the candidate is even lower. Investment must therefore be very thoughtful and measured. It is for this reason that it is better to turn to second-hand kits with a quality still evident. Sellers like equitack have been able to break into the middle and have conquered customers to buy only at home. The reason is quite simple and logical, Equitack sells only brands. The connoisseurs know how important the saddle brands count and especially how well these branded products are performing in the field. So if you're wondering where to find your used saddle, be aware that there are sellers on the internet who specialize in used stools but who must be known to recognize pros like Equitack.

Make a final choice

Once you have found the ideal online store, you must now opt for the saddle that can go. The dilemma persists because too many choices kill the choice so it is more difficult to know which of these stools to choose especially when these are all occasions of French, German, American or English brands. The first reflex among the buyers should certainly be the test because the saddle must at the same time be adapted to the morphology but also to the size of the horse, the level of the rider and finally comfort once felt on it.

I’m not enjoying my saddle: why?

I’m not enjoying my saddle: why?
ince I was little, I loved horses. During my free time and during the holidays, I always asked my mother to take me to the equestrian center. If some children considered dogs as their friend, horses were my family. My only concern is that I have never found the best saddle to enjoy the ride. I tested different brands without finding the one that made me comfortable. One of my friends then advised me Antares stool. It was one of my best discoveries.The importance of equipmentI (antares saddles) [...]