Restored equipment for all horse riders

The range of equestrian equipment in the stores contains only proven products without any qualitative compromises. Helmets, safety vests, breeches, waders, riding boots and much more are offered to beginners and professionals in different price ranges.

All the equipment of a good rider

Jockeys or riders must use safety equipment such as pants, boots, goggles, horse racing hats. Do not forget to also wear a whip when riding on the track. The use of safety equipment is certainly not without reason. But to avoid the unwanted things that happen in horse racing jockeys, it's time to choose the right brand for its equipment. Horse racing jockeys must use safety equipment from tip to toe. The shoes used are boots and use long pants. Do not miss the gloves so that the palm is not painful when you hold the bridle. In addition, horse racing jockeys must also wear glasses. The purpose of these glasses is to avoid dust, dirt or even mud that could get into your eyes. But above all, do not forget to use a horse racing helmet.

The shops to advise

It is clear that the shops to advise to find good used western saddles for sale for those who offer you several brands. Especially since each saddle is a little different than the others and that's why you have to read the card of each saddle. And then, surely, if you have doubts about a product, just ask for advice. Good saddlers also offer a test of his stool and this for a few days with the good supervision of experts who will spend every day at home to see the condition of your horse. Essential element of the mounting material, the riding saddle remains the direct link between you and the horse. It is also essential to appreciate the practice of riding, but also to progress in its level. You will find in the range of riding saddles for children, so that the youngest can learn to drive.

In this way, the riding saddle for the dressage will be different from the model reserved for the complete competition, while jumping will force you to opt for another model. : The best restored saddles on the market

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Antares, Butet, CWD: how to choose a saddle?

Antares, Butet, CWD: how to choose a saddle?
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Why some saddles are better than others

Why some saddles are better than others
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