I’m not enjoying my saddle: why?

ince I was little, I loved horses. During my free time and during the holidays, I always asked my mother to take me to the equestrian center. If some children considered dogs as their friend, horses were my family. My only concern is that I have never found the best saddle to enjoy the ride. I tested different brands without finding the one that made me comfortable. One of my friends then advised me Antares stool. It was one of my best discoveries.

The importance of equipment

I wondered for a long time why I could not take advantage of my saddle. Indeed, this accessory is important to enjoy the special moment share with his horses. It connects us to our horse. The saddle must be adapted to the horse and to me well-sure. For example, me and my horse Aristo, we get along very well. Only when I ride it, I'm not comfortable. My saddle puts me in an uncomfortable position preventing me from fully enjoying my passion. Under the advice of a friend, I decided to change to that of Antares. I share my impressions so that you can also enjoy your horse riding.

A perfect discovery

To choose my saddle, I decided to visit the Antares website. The company presents different collections according to needs, including half-measure, tailor-made and ready-to-wear. I first visited the site to see the various models on offer. The saddles of the Anteres are very beautiful and that whatever the collection chosen. After careful consideration, I opted for a tailor-made saddle. It allowed me to be more confident in my purchase. Fortunately, I am completely satisfied with the antares saddles I bought. Being a perfectionist, I analyzed every aspect of the saddle. The first thing that struck me was the quality of materials used for manufacturing. I could see from the nil eye that they had been selected with you to talk about the finish which was impeccable. I was able to solve my problem with the saddle because this new acquisition was very comfortable. I could position myself and enjoy my saddle. My horse also enjoyed a saddle adapted to its morphology. I think I will become a big fan of this brand.

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